Hi, I'm Matt Elvey.

I write code and I help people to write code

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About me

I'm a full stack web developer living in Darwin, NT. I have over 10 years experience working on a range of user centred applications ranging from small media-rich educational tools, SMS systems for remote Indonesian communities to large bespoke Human Resources platforms.

I also teach undergraduate students the joys of JavaScript and mobile application development because passion should be shared.


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A simulation of fire burning on a Rural block. Build from models developed by the Darwin Centre for Bushfire Research.

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Memory MOOC interactive tools

A set of small fun activities to teach memory techniques. Developed as part of the Charles Darwin University MOOC: The Art and Science of Memory: 5 Keys to Learning

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University assignment scheduler

A simple application to break down assignment due takes to help students plan their work and study schedule

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Essay structure tool

The Academic Language and Learning Success Program asked us to develop a tool to help students to structure their assignments. They wanted to start with an essay and build out to additional assignment types so we built a general purporse component set and build toolkit that was used to later create a similar tool for Psychology Reports and Business Reports.

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3D and Augmented Reality physics worksheets

It's hard to represent dynamic systems on static paper worksheets. We were asked by the Dynamics lecturer to create worksheets that are engaging, interactive and well... dynamic. As part of this we built digital worksheets to demonstrate the concepts being taught including an exercise using augmented reality to show the moving systems right on the student's desks.

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Island Ranger

Originally developed to teach aquaculture skills to indigenous children on Golbourn Island, we developed an iPad game to provide a fun way to learn how to test and manage the water conditions for different creatures. This was later build out for web to reach a wider audience.

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We developed a location game for horticulture students to locate and identify plants on campus. The game was developed in React Native for mobile devices and also built out for web.

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bungee chicken

When COVID-19 struck classes were forced to rapidly move practical activities online. We simulated a fun activity on hooke's law by dropping chickens off a platform

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SMS Digital Musrembang

Musrembang is an annual meeting between local goverment and community members to plan community projects. The digital musrembang is a tool to keep the dialog open with communities as projects are executed

Work Experience

2014 - 2020
Senior Web Programmer
Charles Darwin University

As the primary developer in a small multimedia team I have been involved in all stages of the project life cycle. I have been responsibile for working with clients and project management to identifying and document requirements as well as developing and deploying the required solutions and supervising contractors and junior developers.

In this role we have developed a number of rich interactive web applications, an iPad game and an offline web application for use in remote communities.

2018 - 2020
Casual Lecturer
Charles Darwin University

I wrote content for and co-lectured in HIT226 Mobile Web Structures and wrote the content for and lectured in HIT238 The Mobile Paradigm. These are both second year units teaching web and mobile application development.

Mobile Web Structures focuses on web application development as students learn to plan, design and build the redevelopment of a real website. The Mobile Paradigm further develops students JavaScript skills by building rich interactive Progressive Web Applications and Cross-Platform applications using React Native.

2016 - 2018
Adjunct supervisor
Charles Darwin University

I provided secondary supervison to three masters projects. I provided advice on best practices in project design and planning and assisted in the process of identifying the best platform for their needs. I also provided technical advice throughout the project ensuring the student was exposed to best industry practices.

Project Manager / Software Developer
Betterwork Indonesia / ILO

I was tasked with developing a platform to gather feedback from garment workers and for staff to engage management with any concerns or questions they might have. To achieve this I adapted an open source survey platform to reward participants with phone credit. I also adapted an android XMPP messaging application to facilitate communication between staff and mangement.

Project manager
Oxfam Indonesia through P.T. Springfields

I coordinated the setup and deployment of a SMS mailbox and broadcast system for local government in West Timor to communicate planning decisions with community members and responses to community enquiries and feedback.

2013 - 2014
Project Manager
Bakti / AUSAID through P.T. Springfields

Design and deploy a document respository to facilitate sharing with social media functionality to encourage sharing of resources and collaboration.

2013 - 2014
Senior Technical Advisor
P.T. Springfields

Oversee software development and produce reports and documentation for a vessel management system and e-logbook Android application to track catchment information for small fishing vessels in Indonesia.

2011 - 2013
Application Developer
Tanaoba Lais Manekat under AUSAID AVID Volunteer Program

I developed a bi-lingual human resource platform according to an existing specification and trained IT staff in PHP and the Zend framework to further develop and maintain the application.

I also conducted user testing and training in both English and Indonesian

2007 - 2011
Corporate Application Developer
University of Ballarat (now Federation University)

I developed internal web applications including the course list tool, scholarship application and patches for the Moodle Learning Management System.

I was also responsible for administering the coorporate web server, student development server and Learning Management System platform.